Life after Lockdown – When will we know it’s safe to travel again

Life after Lockdown - How to know it is safe to travel ?

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Travelers should notice these things before they start booking their holiday trip :

  • Lifting of Travel Advisory by Govt’s: Due the the pandemic, many governments across the world have declared warning against international travel. These warning must be cancelled to give the travelers confidence again. 
  • World Health Organization Updates: WHO has advised all people for social distancing and staying at home, and avoid any unnecessary travel. Wait for WHO update for easing of the restrictions and advice
  • Life coming back to normal: When the usual social activities like schools, colleges and restaurants are back to their normal operation, it may be considered safe to travel at least within your country. China is already coming out of the pandemic situation, as normal life resumes in the country. 
  • Travel Agent Advice’s: Safety of travelers is top most priority for any travel advisor and agent in world. Your personal travel advisory and bigger OTA’s like Expedia, Makemytrip, Airbnb will give you heads up and start taking your bookings again. 
  • Reopening tourist attractions: When the time is right, major travel attractions will start opening and accepting tourists.

When you should book your next trip?

Based on experts in tourism industry, and healthcare International travel is not expected to return to normal levels at least until the end of September. The lock-downs and mobility restrictions across regions will be lifted gradually over a period of time. Also some countries will end this pandemic quicker than others depending on number of cases , and you may expect to travel to limited number of destinations over next year. Airlines which are running under huge economical loss, will not be operating with 100% capacity just after restrictions are removed. The travel and tourism sector has come to a standstill , with many shutting down their offices. Signs currently show that, you should wait at least you you find social life resuming to normal before booking a new trip. 

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